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Pharmacist Consultations

Learn more about our pharmacy and home based pharmacist consultations

At the Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding we offer a number of one-on-one consultations to help you achieve the best quality of life.  Our pharmacists are here to help you understand your drug therapy and manage chronic disease.

24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

With the use of a small mobile device we can help you find out how your blood pressure is really doing. Our pharmacists will fit you with a unique blood pressure monitor that records your blood pressure over a 24 hour period.  We have several ambulatory blood pressure monitors on hand to enable you and your physician quick access to this diagnostic technology.   Simply have your physician send a referral and we will call you to set up an appointment or if you prefer simply call us directly to book your appointment.  We can generally have you booked in at your earliest convenience and your physician has the results faxed to them the same day the monitor is returned.   Our pharmacists are available to review your results and give you some important information regarding risks of hypertension and lifestyle and medication changes that can help you manage or prevent hypertension.  Please call us today.  You may want to visit the Heart and stroke Foundation website at for more information.

$95.00 – Rental and Pharmacist consultation

$50.00 – Monitor rental only

Medication Review

Your medication review includes a private consultation with our pharmacist for you and/ or a family member. You are encouraged to bring in any vitamin and natural health supplements in order that we can best asses your total drug therapy.  Our pharmacists will address any concerns you have regarding your current drug therapy and check for any drug interations or other drug related issues.  After review and assessment of your concerns our pharmacist will contact your physician with recommendations and/or determine where follow up is needed.  We are encouraging all of our patients to have an annual medication review.  Please call to book your appointment today.

This service is covered through the Alberta Public Health Activities Program for some patients meeting certain criteria.

$90.00/hour for those not eligible

Diabetes Consultation

At Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding, we have 2 Certified Diabetes Educators to help you manage this condition which can seem overwhelming when first diagnosed.  This service is customized to patient needs and may include basic diabetes education discussing the risk factors associated with diabetes, current drug therapy, training on a home blood glucose monitor and why you should monitor your blood sugars,  review of lab results, basic nutrition counselling  or more comprehensive review  including insulin starts  and follow up.  We know that education is the key in managing your diabetes so we encourage you to speak to one of our Diabetes Educators. You may also wish to visit the Canadian Diabetes Association website at for further information


Smoking Cessation

We have a smoking cessation specialist available to you to help you succeed in quitting.  Our program includes education on strategies and aids best suited to you to help you succeed in your goal to quit smoking.  It includes a comprehensive program with  our pharmacists who will meet with you initially to determine what strategies are best suited to your lifestyle and will help you set attainable goals and then will follow up with you on an ongoing basis through a 12 week program.  We encourage you to start on the path to good health today.  Call to book an appointment.

12 week program: $120

Blister packaging

Our blister packaging service is free of charge for those patients filling their prescriptions with us.  This service is ideal not only for those patients having trouble remembering to take their medications but also for any patient on multiple medications who simply wants the convenience of blister packing.  This service enables us to best manage our clients drug therapy.  It allows us to make any immediate changes in drug therapy and avoid any confusion with regard to medication changes.  This service includes free delivery on a weekly, semi- weekly or 4 week rotation as determined by patient need.  Please call us if you  wish to discuss this service for you or a loved one.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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