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Market Mall Pharmacy Compounding

Proud to be Calgary’s Premier Compounding Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient. To do this, compounding pharmacists combine or process appropriate ingredients using various tools. Compounding is a service that requires specialized training and expertise. As your premier compounding pharmacy for over 30 years, we have taken the time to become more knowledgeable in this area of practice and have partnered with Professional Compounding Centres of America (PCCA) in order to enhance our ability to provide our customers with products that are of the highest quality. We offer compounding options because we recognize that no two people are alike and neither are their needs. Rather than offering a one size fits all solution, we offer individualized treatment options.

At Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding, we believe that to achieve a high level of care we must be part of a partnership with you and your physician or other primary care provider. This partnership allows us to work with you to determine what treatment options will work best. Being a compounding pharmacy allows us to offer limitless options for your specialized needs. Compounding increases our ability to be flexible in the dosage, strength, palatability and route of administration that we can offer. The scope of products that we compound range from capsules and liquid formulations for specific dosage and strength requirements to masking of bitter and other unpalatable flavours to specialty dosage forms such as lip balms, rectal and vaginal suppositories, flavoured powders and topical preparations. From babies to the elderly and everyone in between, we want work with you to get rid of any barriers that may be stopping you from optimizing your treatment plan. We will even compound for your pet’s individual needs. Give us a call, or, better yet, stop by to talk about your options.

Our Compounding Lab

We have been known in Calgary for years as a compounding pharmacy, and our long-time customers will have noticed a big change in our appearance in 2011. We now have a compounding lab where we prepare all of the specialty products. It is equipped with a powder containment hood for everyone’s health and safety. We have stocked our lab with ingredients that are of the highest quality and have invested in specialized equipment that allows us to properly prepare your medication. Some of our new equipment includes a Capsule Machine which allows us to make your individualized capsules in a timely manner, an Electronic Mortar and Pestle that provides you with thorough and evenly mixed preparations and an Ointment Mill to eliminate grit and clumps in the final product. Our new lab and equipment allows us to build on a long standing tradition of providing the utmost care to our compounding pharmacy customers.

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