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Breast Pump Rentals

Enjoy the performance of Medela®’s hospital-grade breast pump in the comfort of your home.

The Medela Symphony® PLUS breast pump is a hospital-grade breast pump that has been scientifically proven to help all moms initiate, build, and maintain their breast milk supply. Market Mall Pharmacy has carefully selected the Medela Symphony® PLUS breast pump due to its unique research-based technologies and proven-performance. The Symphony® contains Medela®’s exclusive INITIATION Technology, which helps moms initiate their milk supply, setting them on a proven path of better milk production over time. Medela®’s MAINTAIN Program features 2-Phase Expression Technology, providing optimal milk removal by mimicking a baby’s natural breastfeeding behavior allowing you to maintain your milk supply and ensure your baby gets the very best for as long as you choose.

Breast Pump Rental Costs

Market Mall Pharmacy breast pumps are available for rent at a rate of $3/day or $80/month from our Calgary location. Please call 403-286-3120for more information or to book your breast pump rental today.

Medela Symphony® Breast Pump Advantages:

  • Supports you to successfully initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk production.
  • Helps you initiate lactation using the INITIATE program.
  • Helps you build and maintain your milk supply when using 2-Phase Expression technology in the MAINTAIN Program.
  • Includes a ‘Maximum Comfort Vacuum’ that is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue.
  • Can be used for daily pumping and both single and double-pumping.
  • Imitates your baby’s sucking action for a more natural feel.
  • Is safe and clean due to its special overflow protection.
  • Comfortable and efficient to use.

Check out the Medela Canada YouTube Channel for educational videos on the Symphony® PLUS and how to optimize your breast pumping sessions by choosing the correct PersonalFit™ Breast Shield size.

Please visit the Medela Symphony® webpage for more information on the Medela Symphony® breast pump.

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